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Page last updated 23rd December 2019

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Birmingham City Netball Club is a Junior and Intermediate level club. If you are 18 or over and want to play netball in Birmingham, this club is not for you (unless you want to come and help!! - we are open to offers!)

We have put this page in because so many people find our web site and e-mail us about netball opportunities in Birmingham for adults.

There are many netball teams for seniors in Birmingham - more than there are for juniors.The Birmingham Netball League plays from September to March (approximately) and has about 100 teams arranged in 13 divisions. Division 1 includes the first teams of some of England's top clubs and the standard is extremely high. Lower divisions are more relaxed in the standard of netball played.

Our usual advice is to join one of the larger clubs with a number of teams in different divisions, so that you can find your own level and have opportunities for progress as your netball improves.

Our Club has strong links with Linden Netball Club, for whom our coach Dianne played for many years, including the National Championship-winning First Team. She has also since played in and captained lower teams, so (being totally unbiased in the matter) we recommend Linden as England's No.1 club. We encourage our girls to join Linden NC when they leave us.

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