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Page last updated 10th July 2018

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Bank details for payments:
A/c name: Birmingham City Netball Club
Sort  code: 40-11-47
A/c number: 01193600
Reference : <player's Membership Number
We prefer payments to be made on 10th of the month, but any date in the month is acceptable.
All subscriptions must show as reference ONLY the Membership Number. It is neither necessary nor sufficient to use the payer's name.
For non-subscription payments add one word explaining what the payment is for (we will assume it is for subscriptions if no extra info is provided)]

0121 472 0114  Dianne Barber (Head Coach) and Jonathan Barber (Secretary)

Mobile phone:
07771 851903  Dianne Barber

If you are a netball club running a tournament for players in Years 6 to 11, please let us know!

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