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Page last updated 26th February 2020

How to join

Up to Year 6: Come along to the Beginners' training session 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Mondays, where you can enjoy two weeks' free trial, to see if you like it.  Players move up to the Follow-on session (6:30pm to 8:00pm) when they are ready. Generally we do not select on ability before year 7. 

From Year 7 onwards: Players need to be committed to training and playing matches regularly. New players have 2 weeks free trial with their age group. Our age groups are usually full, so new . They also need to demonstrate that they will be able to meet the standard of our competitive teams. 

Parents will be asked to complete and sign a registration form. It will save time if you download one and bring it with you already filled in.

If you have any queries, by all means contact us.

What does it cost?

First of all, commitment from you and support from your family!

If you are a member of BCNC,  the Club should have first call on your leisure activities. You will be expected to attend training sessions regualrly and to be available for matches when selected to play.  

Our Seniors play in Leagues in Birmingham, Dudley and Walsall. Parental support and co-oordination with other parents regarding transport to and from matches is essential.

Subscriptions to BCNC from September 2019

Subscriptions are payable by Bank Standing Order only

These subscriptions have been revised to include the cost of league entry and umpiring fees. We  no longer collect match fees at league matches.

Subscriptions run for complete calendar months, 12 months of the year. The preferred date of payment is 10th of the month, but you can choose any other date within the month if this is more convenient. Training sessions attended after the two free sessions and before the first day of the month in which subscriptions become due will cost £4.00 per week (reduced to £3.00 per week for the Beginners' Session). 

Our Bank details are on the Contact page. 

For reference, a summary of current and historic fees is here

Match Fees

Normally there will be no fees to pay for playing a match, as these costs are now included in Club subscriptions. The exceptions are away tournaments,  netball weekends and Regional matches -  if we qualify for the Regional Leagues. (The cost of Regional Qualifying matches is included in the Subscription.)


All members should buy the BCNC Training T-shirt (£5.00). Members who play in leagues are expected to purchase playing kit. See Kit page.

Payments to Birmingham City Netball Club

The normal method of payment is through  BACS, widely available online. Subscriptions must be paid by monthly standing order and must quote the player's membership number as reference. Other payments should also be made via BACS quoting the membership number and a brief explanation of what the payment is for. Birmingham City Netball Club no longer accepts payments by cheque. In exceptional circumstances a payment may be made in cash, in an envelope bearing the player's name, the amount enclosed and what it is for. 

Membership of England Netball

Members who play in Leagues and other events have to be members of the Sport's Governing Body,  England Netball. (This provides insurance and other benefits.)

The England Netball membership year runs from 1st Sept to 31st August. On 1st September 2019, England Netball introduced a new system of paying for membership. Parents are now directly responsible for the online maintenance of their child's EN account and payment of their child's fees. These are completely separate from Club Membership fees. 

EN Membership fees for 2019-2020, including the Regional and County precepts,  are:

(NB Engand Netball have their own definition of age bands, which are often not followed by Netball Leagues and are different from School Years.)

You will be given instructions for setting up England Netball membership after your two free weeks' trial.


Please note that the Club Coaches give their services for free. The Club is not a profit-making organisation, but we cannot afford to be a loss-making organisation either!

If you are concerned about being able to meet the costs of membership, please discusss with the Head Coach, Dianne Barber.

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