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Page last updated 30th January 2019

How to join

Come along to a training session, where you can enjoy two weeks' free trial, to see if you like it and can fit in with our teams.

Parents will be asked to complete and sign a registration form. It will save time if you download one and bring it with you already filled in.

Though we pride ourselves on being open to all abilities, space and resources for training are limited. The recent growth in popularity of our Club is making it impossible to accommodate all comers. Most of our year groups already have over 20 members. We will only be able to take additional players in excess of 20 per year group if they show significant ability and potential. Players who cannot be accommodated will be asked to step down from the Club after the two weeks' trial. By all means ask us what the situation is in any particular year group, because it is changing all the time.

If you have any queries, by all means contact us.

What does it cost?

First of all, commitment from you and support from your family!

Subscriptions to BCNC from September 2018

Subscriptions are payable by Bank Standing Order only

Subscriptions run for complete calendar months, 12 months of the year. The preferred date of payment is 10th of the month, but you can choose any other date within the month if this is more convenient. Training sessions attended after the two free sessions and before the last day of the month before the one in which subscriptions become due will cost £4.00 per week (Year 6 and above) or £3.00 per week (Years 3-6). Our Bank details are on the Contact page. 

Affiliation to England Netball

Members who play in Leagues and other events have to be affiliated to England Netball. (Affiliation provides insurance and other benefits.)

Affiliation fees are included in Club Subscriptions except for players (e.g. new players) who do have not been paying subscriptions by standing order for an unbroken six months prior to the date on which they need to be affiliated (normally when they start playing in a league).

Affiliation fees for 1 Sept 2018 to 31 Aug 2019, including the Regional precept,  are:

Match Fees

There are usually match fees to cover the cost of entering teams into leagues and tournaments and to pay Umpires (usually our senior players). Match fees are generally around £4.00 (outdoors) or £5.00 (indoors) per full match and pro rata for part matches.


All members should buy the BCNC Training T-shirt. Members who play in leagues are expected to purchase playing kit. See Kit page.


Please note that the Club Coaches give their services for free. The Club is not a profit-making organisation, but we cannot afford to be a loss-making organisation either!

If you are concerned about being able to meet the costs of membership, please discusss with Dianne Barber.

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