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...Welcome to Birmingham City Netball Club!

Joining the Club

Latest Info:

Birmingham (Winter) Netball League - Teams City 1, City 2 and City 3 -  fixtures rearranged from 30th October and 27th November: download

Christmas and New Year: Last training of 2021 is Monday 13th December.  First training  of 2022 is Friday 7th January. 

Please note that for the Spring Term ONLY, Year 11 training has been moved to Wednesday 8:00pm to 9:00pm.

Third revision of Sutton Coldfield Junior League Fixtures is now on Fixtures page.

Intermediate League players please note new Parking Information for the University of Birmingham link

At Birmingham City Netball Club we value all our players and are committed to developing their full potential in netball. This is an ongoing process that can start as early as Year 3 and go on up to Year 11 and sometimes beyond. In return we expect loyalty and commitment from our players, and because we recognise that it is not possible for young people to do this on their own, we ask for similar loyalty and commitment from parents. We also ask parents to respect the professional judgement of our coaches.

We do not poach players from other clubs, and we take a very dim view of other clubs poaching our players. We used to experience this quite a lot a few years ago, but fortunately for us the club that did this no longer exists. We are disappointed to see that this year (January 2022) poaching has reappeared in various guises, and we have lost one or two good players, as well as some whose talents are more average. 

We have had some rare players, like Ama Agbeze, who display talents to go all the way to the National Teams. If we are unable to provide such players with sufficiently challenging development, we will point them elsewhere in the right direction. Our senior coaches are very experienced and have been trained in talent spotting: if we have not recognised ability as outstanding in this way, it is probably because talent at such a level is not there. It gives us no satisfaction to say that those who leave us because they think the grass is greener elsewhere may end up being disappointed. Some have left one of our successful teams to join a less successful team elsewhere.

Certainly those who have stayed loyal to us will feel let down by those who have left, but we will recognise their loyalty, continue to support them and provide them with the best opportunities that we can.

Year 6 BINL Tournament winners 2021
BCNC Year 6 team
Year 9 BINL Plate 2021
Under 14 'Plate'

Well done to our Year 6 team who won the U11 Cup at the
Intermediate League Tournament on 12th September 2021

Also to our Year 9 team who won the U14 Plate at the
Intermediate League Tournament on 19th September 2021

Success in CAPS Application at last!

Bronze CAPS Certificate

On 5th December 2019 we at last received confirmation from England Netball that our application for Bronze certification in the Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) has been successful.

Thanks to all concerned whose hard work has made this possible!

Condover May 2019 - A Birmingham City Success Story!

This year the Club broke with a tradition of over 20 years.  In previous years we have taken teams to Netball Weekends at Brean Sands in June and July. We always enjoyed the netball, but the accommodation has become progressively worse over the years, so this year we decided to try an alternative.

Condover Hall

We took a Year 8 team and a Year 9 team to Condover Hall in Shropshire for a weekend of netball and other activities. Helping our Head Coach Dianne with the weekend were Rhiannon, who had organised the whole thing for us, and coaches Jean and Emma. Condover Hall is an Elizabethan Stately Home, now run as a residential adventure centre by JCA. The weekend was well organised by the Condover staff and the Netball Providers led by Joanne Coker, who is an International Umpire.  The accommodation and food were very good. 

Saturday morning was free for activities. The girls took part in archery, an aerial assualt course, climbing wall and a zip wire. There were other activities indoors, but the weather was fine and warm, so most of the time we were outside enjoying the sunshine.

Year 8 team

Year 8 Team
Year 9 team

Year 9 team

Both our teams won every match on the Saturday, so they both qualified for the Cup Competitions on Sunday. On Sunday our Year 8s again won every single match, including the Final, beating Northwich by 5 goals to 3. Our Year 9 team won or drew all their matches except the Final, which they lost to Northwich NC by 3 goals to 10. 

Most of the teams participating this weekend were teams from private schools. Northwich was the only other Junior Netball Club, many of whose players play also for County or elite teams such as Oldham.  All in all our girls have good reason to be proud of themselves.

Year 8 Winners

Year 8 Winners

Tear 9 Runners Up

Year 9 Runners Up

The worst part of the weekend was the return journey where we had to contend with an M54 closure and the Velo Race which blocked many routes back into Birmingam. 

Year 8 Trophy

The Year 8 'Cup'

Condover 2019 Group Photo

 Birmingham City Condover Group Photo 

with Coaches (l-r) Emma, Jean, Rhiannon and Dianne

Thanks go to Rhiannon for organising the event for us, to Dianne, Jean and Emma for managing the teams, and to Dianne and Jonathan who drove the minibuses.

A link across the globe...

Have you ever wondered what happens to the kit we no longer use? We had boxes and boxes of old kit, some of it going back to the the early days of the club and a lot of it brand new. 

Then we heard of an initiative where a coach called Miriam Sawyer was arranging to take old and unwanted netball kit out to Uganda so that kids there could get some use out of it. So we contacted her and packed up four or five cardboard boxes full of skirts, tops, bibs and other no longer used kit. These were collected by a friend of a friend who happened to work in Bournville, and from there they made their way to Uganda where the kit was given to netball players there. 

These girls are wearing ex-Birmingham City shirts and patch bibs. Some of you may recognise them. The shirts, not the girls! And that is Miriam in the centre, who has done a wonderful job that has benefited both ourselves and the girls in Uganda. 


Our Events page has been redesigned to make it clearer what is available for each school year.

Joining the Club

The start of the Autumn Term 2021 saw an unprecedented number of new applications to join the Club.  So much so, that we must temporarily suspend applications in most years. The table below shows in blue the school years in which we can currently take on new players. We have also had to suspend taking of beginners  in Year 6. We will take beginners in year 6 (and years 3, 4 and 5) in our Little League which we will be setting up in the New Year with Beginners' sessions in March and  League matches in the Summer Term. 

 3 6  7 9  10 11

Up to Year 6 we take beginners and non-beginners (subject to availability of places). We give two weeks' free training to new players, without commitment either way. An alternative or additional route into netball for this age range is provided by our linked Little League, which we set up in February/March each year and play matches in teams during Summer Term.

In Years 7 to 11  we take girls who show, during a free two-week trial period, that they have sufficient experience and abilty to fit into our senior teams. We do not take beginners above Year 6.

Above all we need players who are coachable. 

Subscriptions recommenced at full rates from 1st September 2021.  Details are on the 'We Offer' page. 

We are not yet ready for new players just to turn up at training without prior communication.

We accept membership forms as email attachments. Please scan or photograph the completed form, ensure that the image is at least 800 by 600 pixels, and send it in one of the following formats: .jp(e)g, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .doc(x)., Formats that we are unable to process include .heic. Our email address is: info@birminghamcitynetballclub.org.uk

Covid Roadmap

 From 19th July we are onto the final stage of the England Netball Covid Roadmap. All modifications to the game have been removed, but sensible precautions will continue to be taken. This involves social distancing where possible, wearing masks indoors in crowded situations (unless playing netball) and sanitising hands and balls at the beginning and end of every session (but not in between). Swapping of bibs is permitted, but we will still wash them regularly. Needless to say, people who have developed symptoms of Covid should not attend netball, and self-isolation remains in place in line with Government advice. 

Covid Do's and Don'ts - easy guide for players and parents based on the Club's Risk Assessment.

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